Doula Support

What is a Doula?

A Doula provides physical, emotional and practical support through pregnancy, labour,birth and the first few weeks with your little one. They are not a replacement (or competition) for your partner, nor will they interfere or give medical advice. However, they are experienced in birth, know what to expect and give consistent support through midwife shift changes. A Doula supports you through your pregnancy and helps with your birth preparation, talking through ideas and helping to answer your questions. She is then on call for you throughout your baby’s ‘due month’ She arrives at your home or hospital when you need her, and remains with you continuously until after your baby is born. Her role is to encourage, guide and comfort the birthing couple and help the birth partner to help Mum -  suggesting when to use particular positions, breathing exercises, massages etc. She is another supporter and advocate for your birth preference and provides reassurance, helping you to understand what is happening and why.

Why hire a Doula?

Research has shown that having a Doula alongside you during the birth process can lead to:

- 50% reduction of caesarean rate                    Increase in success with breast feeding

- 25% shorter labour                                         Reduction in post-natal depression

- 60% reduction in epidural request                 Better mother-infant interaction

- 30% reduction in analgesia used                     Flexibility in labour and birthing options

- 40% reduction in forceps delivery

                Findings from "Mothering the Mother" Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 1998

About Su...

I am passionate about helping couples have an empowered experience of birth and really believe the continuity of care a Doula can provide is a step towards helping to keep birth normal and keep fear at bay. My aim is to allow you to feel the enjoyment of birth as much as possible, and will do whatever I can to ease the burden, including...

...being by your side throughout the labour and birth process from when you decide you need my
support till your little one arrives and you feel settled, helping with massage, comforting, reminding of positions and breathing techniques, making cups of tea, reassuring, massaging, making phonecalls, taking photos/video, accompanying you to hospital, supporting your birth partner, making sure everyone eats & drinks & rests,helping with older siblings & childcare, interpreting events and helping clarify things to help you make decisions, getting bags, holding your birthing space & ensuring your wishes are heard and respected...
  1. -I am a Mum of 2 boys, one born in Hospital, one born at home in water.

  2. -I have been a Doula since 2008 and to-date have supported at 28 births. Ideally I only take on 3 birth supports each year.

  3. -I am a Specialist Active Birth & Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. I have taken courses in Hypnobirthing and various Counselling methods. I also practice Reiki.

  4. -I have experience of Hospital birth, Midwife Led-Unit, Water Birth, Homebirth, C-sections, Inductions, Assisted Delivery, Twin-birth preparation, Hypno-birthing, PPH, Baby born before arrival!

  5. -I am CRB checked, Fully insured & Emergency First-aid qualified.

There is no ‘one way to give birth’ and I will support you in whatever way your path takes, with plentiful love and a helpful pair of extra hands!

Thank you so much for everything you have given me. The tools to be able to birth my two wonderful children. The pool was perfect both times. The books & DVDs were fantastic. Your classes were inspirational. Mainly though, it was your unfailing belief in me that brought me through. Thank you!” Leila xx


Birth Package   -   £700


Ante-natal Support  - from time of booking - including at least 2 visits to discuss labour and birth options, help with birth wish list and birth preparation. Limitless phone and email support throughout your pregnancy. On call 24hrs a day, from 14 days before your due date until your little one is born. I do not charge ‘Expenses/Travel fees’ - these are all in with the fee.

  1. -Free hire of Tens machine & use of Birth pool

  2. -Continuous emotional, practical & physical support throughout labour and birth

  3. -Extensive Lending Library - books, CDs, DVDs, Birth ball, Homeopathic Remedies etc.

  4. -Post-natal support and one or two visits to reflect, support with feeding, and de-brief your birth experience

  5. -Written reflection of birth story

  6. -Phone & email support through the early weeks with your new baby


If you are thinking of hiring a Doula to support you, feel free to give me a call and we can meet up to talk more about it, at your convenience.

Payment Options are flexible - please contact me to discuss if you would like some support but money is tight. I’m happy to work something out, and even happy to exchange skills if need be.

To find out more about Doulas please visit...


‘From the mans point of view I can’t recommend Su highly enough. Watching a birth can be quite traumatic and the feelings of responsibility can get in the way of enjoying a life making event. Having a doula like Su does so much more than just help the Mum!’ Christine, Sean & Taisie, Oct 09


“Thank you for all your love and care, Su. Such an amazing experience and so glad to have your support.I felt myself relax as soon as you walked through the door! Thanks again” Helen, Alex & Amelia May ’09

   ‘Having your kind words, encouragement and positivity at Lewis’s birth was unbelieveable. It will be a night I’ll remember always and I’m truly grateful for all you did to help bring our little one into the world - thank you so much’ Keeley, Richard & Lewis, Sept ’09

‘During the birth, Su helped to maintain a calm atmosphere, mainly due to her gentle personality but also setting music and lighting to our needs. She requested time and space from the medical staff to consider some difficult decisions  and held my hand through some painful examinations. Most memorable was her back massage that literally halved the pain of my contractions.’ Christine, Sept ’09

Thank you so much for being such a huge help during the birth of our lovely son Hedley. You were wonderful and we all feel blessed to have had your support. Every birth needs a Su!!” Rosie, Paul & Hedley Feb ’10

“To the best Doula you could ask for. You were invaluable. Thank you so so much for being our Doula - you were amazing and helped make it a very positive experience even though it wasn’t quite as planned!” Rose, Ben & Beatrice, April ’10

“Thanks Su for all your support with Annie’s birth - we’re all buzzing and so happy all went so well, and so quickly!” Adele, Tom, Archie & Annie, April ’10

Su helped make my pregnancy, birth and post birth experience truly wonderful. There are always fears and worries when you're pregnant - about your body, the birth, your relationships, the changes to your life - but Su coaches you through them, enabling you and your partner to support each other and rejoice in the positives. You learn so much! My partner found her involvement incredibly supportive, and it helped him enjoy things rather than worry. I thank the day that Su came into our life, and I cannot recommend her yoga classes, workshops and doula services enough. There is a lot on offer to families and sometimes you don't know where to start, but Su is the best starting point for anyone.” Kate, Rob & Meredith May’10

Su was my Doula for my 2nd son's delivery and she was absolutely amazing - couldn't have done it without her! ” Chevy, Simon, Aiden & Ethan March ’11

“Thank you so much for all your love and support throughout my pregnancy and for being a wonderful birthing partner. “ Gaenor & Florence Jan ’12

“Thank you for being a wonderful Doula again. Your help and encouragement was invaluable. It felt natural to have you there, everyone should have a Su!” Rose, Ben, Beatrice & Noah April ’12

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am for your support with everything. Thank you so much from us all” Helen, Dan & Hedley June ’12

“Thank you so much for all the emotional support you’ve given us both, and all the practical things you did - just brilliant. I know you were invaluable to Karen, but also for me too. Thanks so much for everything you have done” Karen, Paul & Rita April’13

“Thank you so very much. It seemed very natural having you there. You have such a marvellous calming influence which kept everything relaxed. I would recommend your services to anyone. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for everything, and the truly wonderful support you have been. My only regret is that we didn’t have you as a Doula at Maisie’s birth” Rachel, Steve, Maisie & Fearne, August ’13

Su is amazing... Her workshops and classes are incredibly helpful. She was also my doula... And both myself and my partner could not recommend her enough as a birth partner for both of us!!” Leila, Brett & Locan, Oct ’13

“Thank you so much for all your support during our pregnancy and during the birth. It would have been a completely different experience without you and we both really appreciated your calming presence” Rachel, Mark & Rafael March ’14

“Still can’t believe we did it! Thank you so much, couldn’t have done it without you.” Faith, Kev, Flynn & baby Arlo (vbac) Sept ’14

“Thank you so much for sharing your energy & attention & wisdom these past few days.” Melissa, Paul & Iona Oct ’14

“Thank you for your support throughout my pregnancy and birth of Florence. Once again you were invaluable and it felt natural to have you there. I’m not sure I’d have made it through 7.30-8.30pm on 05/10 without you!” Rose, Ben, Beatrice, Noah & baby Florence Oct ’14

“Thank you for your Doula support - it meant a lot to us that you supported our choices and the way we wanted to do things. You were an absolute God-send especially as Ben was not feeling his best on the day. We couldn’t have done it without you! Julie, Brian, Ben & baby Faith Dec ’14

“Thank you so much for all your help, care & support to Ben & I during pregnancy, birth & the post-natal period. You have been wonderful for the both of us and we appreciate the level of attention & commitment you gave us. Thank you!” Fiona, Ben & Emily Jan ’15

“Thank you for all your love & care. We both really appreciated your help and support.” Claire, Dave, Bella & baby Lucas May ’15

“Thanks so much for all the kindness & support you have shown us, we were so blessed to have you with us. What a day!” Amy, Richard & Ivy Jan ’16

“Thank you again for everything you did for us all today. It’s all very, very much appreciated. I wish I had known you when Hannah was born!” Karen, Matt & Florence Feb ’16

“Thanks again Su for your amazing support!” Karen, Paul, Rita & Penny Feb ’16

“We did it! Thank you, you were amazing! Couldn’t have done it without you!” Laura, Stephen & Iris, Oct ’16

“Thank you for all your loving support, really appreciate it” Anna, Enrico, Sarah & Helena, March ’17

“Thank you so much for all your help” Sarah, Tim, Bella, Benjamin & Emily, Aug ’17

Supporting you in whatever way your path takes ..

       with plentiful love...

This Necklace has been to many births & carries a powerful reminder to ‘go inwards and let go’ .....xx It passes from Mum to Mum and keeps journeying its way, working its magic....xx