About Su


Welcome to ‘Just Be’ and welcome to ‘Me’!

My passion for what I do has developed over the past 15 years, both at home and abroad (we lived in Asia for the first 3 years of ‘Just Be’) I am a mum to 2 boys, who we home-educate, Sam, 12 and Luke 9. My mothering journey has evolved alongside my teaching and learning, as I started learning Pregnancy Yoga when I was trying to get pregnant with my eldest!

I have worked with thousands of mums and dads to help them honour their pregnancy, experience joyous births and journey gently into parenting. I started out my teaching career as a Secondary school Drama teacher but decided to make my hobby my job and trained as a Yoga teacher back in 2000, very soon after specialising in Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation & Women’s Yoga.

I am a specialist teacher of Active Birth, Pregnancy Yoga and Post-natal Yoga, trained at the Active Birth Centre in London with Janet Balaskas. I am also a Doula, supporting ante-natally & at birth, and I run Active Birth workshops for couples to help prepare them for their magnificent transition!

I run a termly ‘Mums Yoga’ class & also hold regular ‘MindLess’ classes for Mums to come together, share, quieten & be held. In my beautiful healing room at the bottom of my garden, ‘HeartSpace,’ I also offer 1-1 sessions to help folk find their way back to their heart when they feel they’ve lost their way....

I have done a lot of training in self-development, counselling, NLP, mindfulness, meditation and various healing modalities including Reiki, and all of this has contributed to who I am. I am currently enjoying learning more about our Female Cycles and Menstruality, and am beginning to weave more of this awareness in to what I do.

The philosophy behind my teaching is simple and gentle - we all do too much, try to be too much. Journeying through pregnancy into parenthood is a process of letting go. There is no ‘right’ way. We’re all just muddling through, struggling with change, adapting to each new season in our lives and never having enough time! I hope the classes give mums a chance to ‘just be’, to find their instinct, to re-discover trust and most of all, to enjoy these precious moments - they don’t come again!

The pathway into mothering evolves into a lifelong transformation, led by the heart and often accompanied by a good dose of guilt! I feel its hugely important to gather with other women, to fill ourselves up & feel the unity of togetherness. Our seasonal Retreats are precious times to replenish & take some space to recharge.

I feel so blessed to have a job I truly love and I feel totally honoured to be part of women’s lives at such a special time. Its great to see the babies grow in to children and mums come back with bump no 2 or 3. We’re all sharing a rich tapestry of mothering and I learn so much from you all - thank you. Apart from feeling constantly broody & ‘feeling old’ as children grow up into teenagers, there really are no downsides!

Hope to connect with you soon,

With love, thanks and huge blessings